Welcome to MyTopKid.com! Here you will find the best materials for entertainment and comprehensive development of children. Scientists have proved that doing creative and mental activities has a positive impact on our brain. It can also be fun! And our sections will help with this.

Paper Crafts can help your children get their mind off daily gadgets. Baby can train spacial thinking and learn to be logical.

Riddles will leave no one cold. Using them you can improve children’s intelligence, quick response, mental activity, not to mansion speech development.

Wallpaper Images entertaining section. Here you child can choose their favorite character, which can always cheer them up.About us

Drawing Lessons is meant to play one of the most important roles in children’s education. When drawing a child creates images in the head, thereby trains their creative thinking.

Fairy Tales be come a part of babies’ life at a very early age. Psychologists claim that help children get to know the world better. More than that, fairy tales train your memory as children remember the plot. But the most important thing is that children find out: kindness has a face.

Puzzles are extremely beneficial at any point in the person’s life, especially in schoolchildren life. They train fine motor skills, as well as teach to be patient and persistent.

Coloring Pages here are the unique and interesting. As well as drawing they help to inprove creative thinking and let children have fun.

Miscellaneous. Is the last but not the least section. Here you will find other different ways to develop and entertain your child.

Besides, it can be fun! You can be a child, willing to have fun entartain, a parent, a teacher, a tutor, or babysitter – anyway, you came to the right place! Choose a suitable category and download any content absolutely free.

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